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Army Community Service (ACS) offers many programs and services that are designed to equip Soldiers, DoD Civilians and Families with the skills, knowledge and support they need to face the challenges of military life. Whether you change duty stations, deploy, manage the Family during deployment or adapt to new situations, ACS has a program to help you and your Family adjust.

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Building 200
9800 Belvoir Road
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(703) 805-4590
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Brent Jurgersen

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Closed 1st Wednesday and 3rd Friday of every month for staff training 12 noon - 4 pm

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AER      Army Emergency Relief
AFAP    Army Family Action Plan Program
AFTB    Army Family Team Building
AVCP   Army Volunteer Corps Program
CIS     Community Information Services
EFMP   Exceptional Family Member Prog
ERP     Employment Readiness Program
FAP      Family Advocacy Program
FRP     Financial Readiness Program
MFLC     Military Family Life Consultant
Mob/DRP   M
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   AER      Army Emergency Relief
   AFAP    Army Family Action Plan Prog
   AFTB    Army Family Team Building
   AVCP   Army Volunteer Corps Prog
CIS Community Information Services
   EFMP   Exceptional Family Member Prog
   ERP     Employment Readiness Prog
   FAP      Family Advocacy Prog
   FRG      Family Readiness Prog
   FRP      Financial Readiness Prog
MFLC      Military Family Life Consultant
   Mob/D      Mobilization and Deployment Readiness Program
   RRP      Relocation Readiness Prog
   SFAC    Soldier & Family Assistance
   SOS      Survivor Outreach Services

   The Vortex Grill
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   Family Child Care
   Kids Resources
   North Post CDC
   Parent Central Services
   School Age Center
   School Liaison Office
   South Post CDC
   Teen Resources
   Training & Curriculum Programming
   Youth Center
   Youth Sports & Fitness

   Wounded Warrior Golf Program


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obilization and Deployment Readiness Program
RAP     Relocation Assistance Program
SFAC   Soldier & Family Assistance Center
SOS     Survivor Outreach Services

Army Community Service: Laying the groundwork to assist Fort Belvoir's Soldiers & Families and helping build resilience for a stronger community


Army Community Service (ACS) offers many programs and services that are designed to equip Soldiers, Department of Defense (DoD) Civilians, and Families with the skills, knowledge and support they need to face the challenges of military life. Whether you change duty stations, deploy, manage the Family during deployment or adapt to new situations, ACS has a program to help you and your Family adjust.


ACS grew from an idea to establish a program to address the growing needs of military Families. In 1963 LTC Emma Baird was put in charge of developing a plan to create an Army-wide community social service program. LTC Baird recognized that with the changing Army, morale and retention of Soldiers was being affected. Many service members who might have made the military a career were leaving because of Family members who were not happy with military life. As a result of LTC Baird’s efforts, in 1965 General Harold K. Johnson announced the creation of ACS. Fort Belvoir ACS has been at its current location, 9800 Belvoir Rd, building 200, since October 2008.

Since its inception ACS has relied on volunteers to contribute to the well-being of Soldiers and Families. The Army has continued to change and ACS still relies very heavily on volunteer contributions, which extend to all branches of the military, as well as government agencies. The Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator assists with placement of volunteers and tracking volunteer hours. In addition to its almost 30 staff members, Fort Belvoir ACS “employs” approximately 25-30 volunteers in primarily administrative positions.

December 2014

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ACS Front Desk: 703-805-4590
Toll Free: 866-786-8664
TTY: 805-1519
- Army Emergency Relief
: 703-805-3130
AFAP - Army Family Action Plan Program: 703-805-4152
AFTB - Army Family Team Building: 703-805-1150
AVCP - Army Volunteer Corps Program: 703-805-4152
EFMP - Exceptional Family Member Program: 703-805-4417/4418
ERP - Employment Readiness: 703-805-2605/1836
FAP - Family Advocacy Program: 703-805-2693/3980
FRP - Financial Readiness Program: 703-805-1833
I&R - Information and Referral: 703-805-4590/3413
MFLC - Military Family Life Consultant: 703-414-9887 / 703-201-9697 / 703-785-2701
Mob/DRP & FRG - Mobilization/Deployment:  703-805-5683
RAP - Relocation Assistance Program: 703-805-4152/5058
SFAC - Soldier & Family Assistance Center: 571-231-7000 / 571-231-7001
SOS - Survivor Outreach Services: 703-805-5487/1827
WIC – Women, Infants, and Children: 703-781-6509
WT - Warriors in Transition: 571-231-5191
Victim Advocate: 805-1832 | After Hours Hotline: 703-229-2374
New Parent Support Program: 703-805-4547
Parent Educator Specialist: 703-805-2631
Play Morning: 703-805-2693/4547

AER has introduced a few new categories of assistance to include travel funds for relocation, repair of HVAC, purchase/repair of stoves and refrigerators, child car seats, cranial helmets, widows’ lifetime membership with Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) and maximum scholarship for children of Soldiers who die on active duty. Also, the Commander’s Referral Program has been increased giving Unit Commanders and First Sergeants approval authority for up to $1500 for AER assistance provided they have received mandatory training provided by the AER Officer. 

For AER assistance, please bring with you the following:

AER c/o Financial Readiness Program
9800 Belvoir Road, Bldg 200
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

AER Officer
Call to ask about making an appointment today

For more information on the Financial Readiness Program,
click here.

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AFAP is input from the people of the Army to Army leadership. It’s a process that lets Soldiers and Families say what’s working and what isn’t - and what they think will fit it. It alerts commanders and the Army leaders to areas of concern that need their attention, and gives them the opportunity to quickly put plans into place to work toward resolving the issues. AFAP…
- Gives commanders a gauge to validate concerns and measure satisfaction
- Enhances Army’s corporate image
- Results in legislation, policies, programs and services that strengthen readiness and retention
- Safeguards well - being

Facts about AFAP

  • AFAP was the brain child of Army spouses.
  • Each AFAP success story originated as an idea that someone decided to pursue.
  • The Army is the only branch of DoD that has a program.
  • Many AFAP improvements impact quality of life for all services.

If the issues cannot be resolved at the local level (Fort Belvoir), then they are sent to the next level of Army leadership – the Atlantic Region that serves Fort Belvoir.  Your issues tell Army leadership what is working and what is not AND suggest how to fix it.

Delegates are needed for the local AFAP Symposium in October 2014.  Delegates work in a group forum to identify military quality of life issues and recommend solutions. The two workgroups are: BOSS, Soldier, Family and Civilian Readiness, Medical/Dental and Benefit Entitlements, Housing, and Employment. Delegates are DOD Civilians, Retirees, Active Duty, Guard and Reservist Military and Family Members. You will be required to attend one day of training. Volunteering as a Delegate will be a rewarding experience!  You will have an opportunity to affect the global quality of life for all Army.  If the AFAP Symposium is new to you, I’m sure that you will leave our symposium as a “True Believer” in the power of AFAP.

AFAP and You (How you can submit your issue)

You can submit you quality-of- life issue online through Army Family Action Plan Issue Management System.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact your AFAP POC, Kimberly Lazarow at (703) 805-4152 or e-mail

COL Gadson Talks AFAP 2013

Global Issues
Speak out, and make a difference by submitting your Global Issue Solution.
AFAP Global Issue Sheet

AFAP - There's an App for that!
Army Family Action Plan Issue Search for iPad App

AFAP Issue Management System
Submit ARMY Quality-of-Life Issues Online.
Directions on Submitting (Submission Website Location)

AFAP Resources
AFAP Conference Report Out Feb 4, 2011
AFAP - GOSC Results Feb 3, 2011
AFAP Conference Issues Jan 11, 2011
AFAP Issues Book - Active
AFAP Issues Book - Completed and Unattainable
AFAP News Update from Lt. Gen. Lynch
AFAP 2010 Conference Results
AFAP Issue Grid 2011

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AFTB contributes to readiness, performance, retention and recruitment, all vital to the Army's mission. The AFTB program trains Soldiers and Families to become a combat multiplier and enhance overall readiness of the force.  An informed, empowered Family allows the Soldier to concentrate efforts and focus in on the mission of defending our nation. The Soldier is able to feel confident and secure that his or her Family is better prepared for the challenges of mobilization. After AFTB training, Family members develop realistic expectations resulting in less frustration and confusion. If informed Families can do more to help themselves, the command can focus on its mission while assuring Family members that the military support will be there. In this respect, command support of the program is vital to its success. Volunteer opportunities are available! A total of 16 hours of FREE childcare per month per Family will be provided for AFTB Volunteers.

US ARMY Abbreviations & Acronyms Lookup
A convenient method of searching out US Army abbreviations, brevity codes, and acronyms.
US Army Glossary

2014 Class Schedule

Click here to read

2014 Staff Training
Click here to read

AFTB Program Manger

Kimberly Lazarow

AFTB Class Overview

We are always happy to see new faces, find new students, instructors, master trainers, and office staff to ensure continued success of the program. LIMITED child care will be available for both students and volunteers. Children must be registered with CYS Services.

ALL classes above will be held at Army Community Service
9800 Belvoir Road, Building 200
Fort Belvoir, VA  22060

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AVCP provides support for all volunteer activities on the installation. All training and recognition awards are also coordinated and prepared at the AVCP.

What does the ACS Volunteer Program have to offer?
Great opportunities * Professional level jobs * Flexible hours * Childcare while you volunteer and support ACS service programs (up to 16 hours per month, per family) * Volunteer recognition and awards program * Warm and inviting work atmosphere * Training - professional and OJT.

Fort Belvoir AVCP on Facebook
AVCP Facebook Page

AVCP Program Manager
Kimberly Lazarow

Why Volunteer?
Throughout history, volunteers have played an integral role in the life of Soldiers and their Families. In the early years of our country volunteers mended uniforms, cared for the sick and wounded, and comforted Families of fallen Soldiers. Today our volunteers are found throughout the military community. Soldiers, civilians, retirees, spouses and youth are providing service in schools, in hospitals, on sports fields, and in many other organizations and offices. Through their dedicated service, volunteers transform military installations into communities. The strength of the Army lies in its Soldiers, and the strength of Army communities lies in the talents and contributions of its members. Volunteerism stabilizes our Army communities by contributing to community cohesion, increasing self-reliance, and enhancing the well-being of our Soldiers and their families. The Army relies on volunteers to contribute to the well-being of Soldiers, civilians, and families. How can you join the Army’s great volunteer corps and begin impacting your community?

How does AVCP work?
Much like an employment office, the Army Volunteer Corps Manager (AVCM) maintains a job bank of volunteer openings. After viewing the volunteer’s interests, skills, goals, availability and previous work or volunteer experience, the AVCM will review options for volunteer placement. An appointment with the agency the volunteers elects will then be arranged. They can provide continuing assistance to volunteers who request help in translating their volunteer contributions into work experience statement or job acquisitions.

Getting Started as a Volunteer
Read this document with Frequently Asked Questions and helpful resources.

The Army relies on volunteers to contribute to the well-being of Soldiers, civilians and families.

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CIS maintains an integrated resource file of sources of service to which personnel may be referred. Referral procedures are used when it is not possible to provide immediate direct assistance. Follow-up procedures are provided to ensure that needs have been met.  Phone 703-805-5056/4590 with any questions.

Helpful Links (Fort Belvoir Homepage) (Fort Belvoir MWR Homepage) (ACS Homepage) (ACS Facebook Page) (FBCH Phone Numbers) (Civilian Personnel Advisory Center) (Housing Services Office - Off-post Housing) (Off-post home rental & sales information) (Resource information) (Resource help for your move) (Metro information) (Fairfax County Schools) (Prince William County Schools) (Online help & appointment making) (Fort Belvoir ICE Comments)

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EFMP is dedicated to serving military families with special needs. All services are held at 9800 Belvoir Road, Bldg. 200, unless indicated otherwise. To participate in activities, you must be enrolled in EFMP. For more information, please contact our office at 703-805-4417/4418/4435/4437/4402. If seeking information on EFMP enrollment/disenrollment, overseas screenings, or records updating, please contact the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital EFMP Coordinator at 571-231-1054.

All Soldiers who have Family members enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) are responsible for keeping their documentation current as the Family member’s condition changes or at least every three years. Over 20,000 Soldiers have outdated enrollment. It is HQ IMCOM’s intent that all expired EFMP enrollments be updated no later than 30 August. Fort Belvoir Soldiers with outdated EFM information must complete a DD Form 2792 for medical updates and/or DD Form 2792-1, for education updates, and submit to the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital EFMP Coordinator located in the Pediatric clinic in Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, River Pavilion, Reception Desk 3.

Please note HRC is enforcing updated enrollments prior to permanent change of station orders, and updates can take 6 to 8 weeks. Soldiers who are not sure of their EFM’s enrollment status can contact their duty installation’s EFMP Medical Coordinator or ACS EFMP Manager.

Respite Care
(Open to Active Duty Army assigned to Fort Belvoir.)
Fort Belvoir EFMP Respite Care offers up to 40 hours per month, per eligible Family member. Determination of the number of hours is based on a Family Needs Assessment. For more information about this or other programs offered, please contact the Fort Belvoir EFMP office at 703-805-4417.

EFMP Operating Hours
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm
Closed the first Wednesday of each month from 12 pm – 4 pm
Special appointments available on request

Walk-ins are welcome, but priority is given to appointments. We highly encourage calling first to ensure that staff is available to serve you.

Fort Belvoir’s Contacts:
Fort Belvoir Community Hospital EFMP Coordinator 571-231-1054
Fort Belvoir ACS EFMP Manager 703-805-4417
Fort Myer Medical Coordinator 703-696-7965                                                                               
Fort Myer ACS EFMP Manager 703-696-8467

EFMP Activities
Take a look at the Newsletter

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ERP welcomes family members, active duty service members, retirees and DOD civilians in the metropolitan area. ERP seeks to prepare individuals to identify and develop marketable career skills for use in the current or future job market. Services available include employment/career counseling, resume and federal application assistance, information and referral, job banks, job search workshops, computers, printers and fax as well as a resource library and outreach programs on request. ERP has a ninety percent success rate in finding positions for their clients. Most clients find employment by enrolling in the ERP program and using the direct referral program. To enroll in ERP you need to attend an Orientation. Orientation is held on Tuesdays, 12:45-2:30pm. Call to register. Presenters at the orientation include: ERP, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center, and Non Appropriated Fund Personnel. Call 703-805-1836/4590 to register for the Employment Orientation.

Special Programs
Employer Recruiting Sessions/Job Fairs
Federal Job Search Assistance
Resume Preparation
Job Search Counseling
Job Skill Training Academy with Certification Courses Classes/Workshops

ERP Manager
Laureen DuPree


Connect With Us

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FAP works to promote public awareness within the military and civilian communities and coordinate professional intervention at all levels, including law enforcement, social services, health services, and legal services. FAP is designed to break the cycle of abuse by identifying abuse as early as possible and providing treatment to the affected family member. FAP works with individuals and families to strengthen family relationships and prevent child and spouse maltreatment. The program is dedicated to enhancing individual coping skills and alleviating the underlying causes of stress associated with family violence. FAP also provides education services in child abuse, spouse and family violence, parenting and stress management. The objectives of the FAP are to prevent spouse and child abuse, to encourage the reporting of all instances of such abuse, to ensure the prompt assessment and investigation of all abuse cases, to protect victims of abuse, and to treat all family members affected by or involved in abuse. For more info, please contact the Family Advocacy Program at 703-805-2693 / 3980.

Victim Advocacy Program
Family Advocacy provides an open door to healing. If you are a survivor of domestic violence-physical, emotional or verbal-YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here to listen, help, and offer options. Please contact 703-805-1832 for free and confidential assistance, or 703-229-2374 after hours. Remember that you are not alone; help is available with the following:

Parental Support / Child Abuse Prevention Program
Parenting in today’s society is more challenging than ever, but now there are more resources available to families than ever before. Family Advocacy has resources and services available to assist all clients - new parents, teenagers, grandparents raising grandchildren, single parents, blended families, and more. For more information, please contact the Family Advocacy Program at (703) 805-2631/2693 . Some classes offered are:

Command Education
All Commands and Senior Enlisted Advisors on Fort Belvoir will be given an overview of Family Advocacy so that they may understand their role in family violence prevention and intervention. Subjects covered include:

FAP Workshops and Classes
FAP provides a wide range of classes designed to enhance interpersonal skills and prevent family violence. These are offered on a regular basis and can be tailored for a specific audience. Consider them classes for success! Please call 703-805-2631/2693 for information or to register for any of these classes:

Single Parent Support Group
This class provides single parents a vehicle to meet with other single parents in the community and share the ups and downs of being a single parent. Pre-registration is required.
Day: Every third Tuesday
Time: 12 pm - 1:30 pm
Location: ACS Building
Phone Number: 703-805-2631/2693
Flyer: Click here

ScreamFree Parenting
ScreamFree Parenting is a workshop for parents designed to start a revolution with your Family. ScreamFree Parenting is not just about lowering your voice; it's about learning to become calm and focusing on your behavoir. Learning the ScreamFree Parenting approach will help you create a calm, mutually respectful and loving connection with your child. Pre-registration is required; call 703-805-2693 to register.

New Parent Support Program (NPSP)
NPSP is designed to provide assistance to military families through education and support from the prenatal period to the age of three. The New Parent Support Program offers expectant parents and parents of newborn and young children the opportunity to learn new skills as parents and to improve old ones. The program is a reliable source for answers to your questions in the privacy of your home by home visitors. Among the services offered are parenting classes, infant care classes, infant massage classes and play morning referrals. Phone: (703)805-4547/2781/2693.

Play Morning at ACS
ACS & FAP present Tuesday Play Mornings. Parents and children 5 years and under are invited to join in a free weekly stimulating play environment focusing on gross motor skill development and socialization of children. The playgroup features age appropriate books, toys, activities, arts and crafts for parents to share with their child. This is a fantastic way to meet other moms and dads, share information and create play dates for your child. First time attendees are asked to bring military ID and immunization record. Immunization records are required for all children. Parents of infants are asked to bring a blanket for the floor.
Day: Tuesday Mornings
Time: 10 am - 12 pm
Location: ACS Building
Phone: 703-805-2693/2781
Flyer: Click here
Sessions vary; please call ahead for details and to confirm session is open. Please note, Play Morning follows operating status of Fairfax County Schools, September - June.

Dads 101 Parenting Class
This class for new and expecting fathers, teaches some of the skills necessary to become an active father. Specific topic areas include: child development, fatherhood roles/stereotypes, basic caregiving skills, partner support, baby calming techniques and much more. Call to register at 703-805-2693/2781.

Infant Massage Class
Learn to massage your baby. Research shows that babies who are massaged may sleep longer, spend more time active & alert for learning, increase bonding and attachment to their parents. Classes are taught in small groups of parents/caregivers and their pre-crawling babies. Classes are spread over four weeks, so that your baby gradually adjusts to your nurturing touch. Brought to you by the Family Advocacy Program and the New Parent Support Group. Register today at 703-805-4547.
Flyer: Click here

Connect with Us
NPSP Facebook Page
FAP Facebook Page

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FRP offers a wide range of services to assist Active Duty and Retired military, their ID card Family members and Department of the Army (DA) Civilian employees with their financial affairs. Our goal is to help you save money, live within your means and invest for the future. We want to help Soldiers, veterans and Families prevent financial difficulties before they arise.

FRP Classes
FRP offers a variety of free classes throughout the year to educate and assist in managing your wealth and achieving your financial goals. Take a look at the class schedule; registering is easy! Just call 703-805-4590.
2014 FRP Class Schedule
For your convenience, FRP also offers free classes during the lunch hour.
2014 FRP Lunch and Learn Schedule


Financial and Budget Counseling

Appointments with a financial counselor are available to discuss methods and tips to manage your finances.  The Counselor develops a personal financial analysis to determine the household’s monthly income and living expenses. In order to make an accurate assessment of your financial situation, you must bring the following to your appointment:

Emergency Food Assistance
To assist Fort Belvoir Soldiers, Family Members and retirees who are experiencing financial emergencies with emergency food assistance. Please contact the Financial Readiness Program directly to discuss your need for emergency food assistance.

Free Credit Report and Score

Active duty Soldiers and spouses can get a free copy of one credit report (either Transunion or Equifax) and the accompanying free score. Call to schedule an appointment and a financial counselor will review the report with you and answer any questions pertaining to your individual report.

Consumer Advocacy/Complaint Resolution

Information is provided to help the Fort Belvoir military community make educated consumer decisions.  Informational pamphlets are available on many consumer issues.  If you feel that your consumer rights have been violated, you can file a consumer complaint with us by submitting DA Form 5184 (Consumer Complaint) and copies of relevant documents that would help the consumer advocate speak on your behalf (e.g. warranty papers, bill of sale, correspondence with merchant, etc).  To schedule an appointment to meet with a consumer advocate, call (703) 805-1833.

Financial Resources
Click here for helpful links

Army Emergency Relief (AER)

AER falls beneath the FRP and is a private non-profit organization that provides emergency financial assistance to military personnel (active and retired) and their Families in times of distress. AER exists primarily for helping the Army take care of its own. AER is open to Active Duty and Retired military and their ID card family members, Reservists and National Guard (while on active duty, Title 10 for more than 30 days) and their ID card family members. Authorized categories include rent/mortgage, food, utilities, privately owned vehicle repair and/or maintenance costs, medical costs, utilities, emergency travel, etc. Click here for more on AER.

Financial Readiness Program
9800 Belvoir Road, Bldg 200
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

FRP Manager

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4 pm
Closed the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Friday of every month, 12 pm - 4 pm

Appointments and Walk-ins
Priority is given to appointments but walk-ins are welcome. We highly encourage calling first to ensure that staff is available to serve you.

Connect With Us

  Saving the dream - through education, counseling and assistance

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MFLC program provides short term, situational, problem-solving counseling services to service members and their families. The providers are licensed clinicians who provide counseling and psycho-education to help service members and their families deal with deployment issues, conflict resolution, parenting, communication, and relationship issues. MFLCs are mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic violence, and duty to warn situations. The counseling services are otherwise confidential and private.  We work in support of all existing Military Family Support programs. Call to speak to an MFLC at 703-414-9887 or 703-201-9697.

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Mob/DRP provides support to Soldiers (Active, Reserve, and National Guard), deployable DoD Civilians, and all Family Members during every phase of the Deployment Cycle.  Families are mission essential, especially when the Soldiers are involved in a deployment and must be away from their Families for an extended period of time.  Our goal is to support the Soldier in the mission they are sent to do by educating the Family Member to be self-reliant through classes, training, resources, and personal support.
Read the brochure

The Family Readiness Group (FRG) is also a program to support Soldiers and Families. Each unit Commander is required to have a working FRG at all times; it will be effective all the time, as well as during times of deployment and emergencies such as a death, natural disaster, or other such events. It is the communication link between the commander and the Families. Working and supported FRGs always make a unit stronger; FRGs also increase retention of both the Soldier and the Family.

Family Readiness Group Fundraising
Resources, information and policy about FRG fund-raising is available here. Any further info needed, please call Sheila Reese at 703-805-4127.
Fund-Raising Information
Sample Request Form (Word Doc)

The Family Assistance Center (FAC)
is set up in the event of a mass deployment or a natural disaster, terrorist, or pandemic event to provide support and resources to Soldiers and Family Members involved. In the case of disaster, terrorist, or pandemic events, the assistance would be for those whose loved ones died or were missing because of the event. Training and information on Emergency preparedness, both at home and at work is also offered.

Causality Response (CARE Team)
In the event a casualty, severe injury or disaster occurs within our community, the Garrison Commander may activate a CARE Team based on the affected Family's needs and requests for support. Fort Belvoir's CARE Team consists of responsible, knowledgeable, volunteers who have been screened, trained, and have signed a confidentiality agreement. The CARE Team will provide up to 4 consecutive days of service to a family until other support arrives.
Read the brochure

Mob/DRP Manager
Carol Janer

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RAP attempts to make military moves smoother. It provides counseling, Military HOMEFRONT and change of station information and also assists families by providing temporary use of household goods thru the lending closet. In addition to programs listed below, RAP provides Fort Belvoir Welcome Packets and a Loan Closet.
Take a look at the upcoming classes
Read the Brochure

Newcomers Orientation

First Tuesday after the 10th of the month / 9 am -12 pm
Read the flyer
Welcome to Fort Belvoir! If you are new to the installation and are curious what opportunities are available to you and your Family, then please join us at the ACS Monthly Newcomer's Orientation. All newly assigned Military Personnel, Family Members and Civilians are invited to learn about the Fort Belvoir community and what it has to offer. Held at the Fort Belvoir Community Center. For more information, please contact 703-805-5058/4152.

Hearts Apart Group
Waiting Families Support Group
All spouses (male and female) whose sponsor is deployed, geographically separated, on an unaccompanied tour or extended TDY, are invited to participate in the Hearts Apart Group. Hearts Apart offers support for Waiting Families by linking Family Members with other Families who are separated due to their sponsor’s mission requirements. Army Community Service provides a supportive group setting for activities, opportunities to learn about available resources, and to network with one another during their sponsor’s absence. Free on-site childcare and dinner is provided. Hearts Apart meets the third Thursday of each month from 6pm-8pm at ACS.

International Spouse Group
For foreign-born spouses, we offer the International Spouse Group meeting every month. Come and share your experiences while learning more about different cultures. Each meeting focuses on obtaining resources available throughout the community and information on ACS programs, ESL, citizenship and more. Please contact the Relocation Program for dates and location.

Relocating Overseas?
If your next duty station is overseas, ACS offers a variety of cultural awareness/adaptation classes for military and civilian personnel as well as their family. "Welcome to Germany" classes are on the 3rd Thursday of each month and "Welcome to Korea" classes are offered on the 4th Thursday of each month. “Welcome to Hawaii & Japan” classes are available upon request. All the classes are at ACS, Building 200. Registration is required. Please call for the times of each class.


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SFAC's mission is to provide tailored, compassionate, and coordinated services to our Warriors in Transition (WT), retirees and family members. SFAC will assist WTs, retirees and family members to navigate and access critical services expeditiously, so the Warriors can focus on their primary mission: TO HEAL.

Individual needs require individual attention. The SFAC staff offer diverse knowledge and skills to help our WTs with their specific issues. And, we want family members to know they are welcome and encouraged to use these services as often as needed. 

We provide a comfortable, friendly, one-stop shop. The SFAC lounge has a family-like feel with sofas, TV, games, computer (with internet service), and snacks available for your use, whether needing a place to unwind, or while waiting to speak to a counselor.

SFAC Monthly Calendar
December 2014

FREE Yoga for Soldiers, Families & Caregivers

SFAC Services include (but are not limited to):

Soldier and Family Assistance Center
5965 6th Street, Building #1263
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060

Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4 pm
Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED


SFAC Staff Information
Sherrell Murray
Human Resources Coordinators
Timothy Grayson
Sharon Graves-Johnson
Social Services Representatives
Adrina F. Scott
Timothy Creamer
Financial Counselor
Rita Franklin
Reserve Liason
MSG Cook
Information, Referral & Follow-Up Coordinator
Charlene Sanchez-Licciardi
Soldier For Life
Transition Assistance Program Counselor
Andrew Everett
Taundra Shaw
Education Counselors
JD Carr
Jeana Vanhouten
AW2 Advocate
Maryann Mandia
National Guard Liasion
MSG Morrison

Connect With Us

Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project
The WWDSP is a partnership between Disabled Sports USA, its chapters and the Wounded Warrior Project, providing year round sports programs for severely wounded service members from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict and the Global War on Terrorism.

The Army Homefront Fund
The Army Homefront Fund, launched on June 13, 2011 with a Memorandum of Understanding between Operation Homefront and the U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command (WTC) helps to provide financial aid to Wounded Warriors and their Families. 

The Army Homefront Fund provides grants, not loans, for emergency financial assistance, emergency food, transitional family housing, emergency home repairs, critical baby items, vehicle repair service, furniture and household items, local moving assistance and Wounded Warrior wives retreats. Its goal is simply to get the Wounded Warriors and their families the resources they need.

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SOS is an Army-wide program designed to provide dedicated and comprehensive support to Survivors of Active Duty, Reserve, Army National Guard and Retirees. Survivor Outreach Services demonstrates the Army’s commitment to Families by providing support and standardized services to Active, Reserve and Army National Guard families. Many times there are unresolved issues or questions that may surface months or years after the loss. The army is dedicated to fulfilling the Army Family Covenant by providing support to Families for as long as they desire.

SOS Resources
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Benefits / Department of Veteran Affairs
Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC) - a monthly benefit paid to eligible survivors of a military service member who died while on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training.
Survivors' and Dependents'

Dependents' Educational Assistance (DEA) - provides education and training opportunities to eligible dependents of certain veterans. The program offers up to 45 months of education benefits. These benefits may be used for degree and certificate programs, apprenticeship, and on-the-job training. If you are a spouse, you may take a correspondence course. Remedial, deficiency, and refresher courses may be approved under certain circumstances.

Home Loan Guaranty - The unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who died on active duty or as the result of a service-connected disability is eligible for the home loan benefit.

The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) - is a comprehensive health care program in which the VA shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries.

SOS Financial Counselor

Kathy Whatley

SOS Support Coordinator

Kelly Burger

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